Sound Power: comprehensive technical production — всё для организации мероприятий!
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Comprehensive technical production

The largest system integrator in the field of integrated logistics events of various size and scale in Russia
Certificate №0284.01-2014-7725619055-С-185 dated 2014-02-24
Certificate №0674.1-2017-7725619055-P-011 dated 13.01.2017-01-13
Certificate in the energy sector N 001144-E dated 2016-06-14
ISO 9001:2015 dated 2016-05-31
ISO 14001:2004 dated 2016-05-31
OHSAS 18001:2007 dated 2016-05-31
Certificate 1000AS (2008) on 08/09/2018
ISO 14064-1: 2006 (ISO 14064-1: 2006) of August 9, 2018
ISO 22301: 2012 (ISO 22301: 2012) of August 9, 2018
ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 (ISO / IES 27001: 2005) of 08/09/2018
GOST R ISO 31000-2010 (ISO 31000-2010) of August 9, 2018
LICENSE No. 77-B / 06115 of 02/07/2018
SA 8000: 2014 of 08/09/2018.

Why choose us?

Guaranteed results

Professional technical
management of the highest class

Own fleet of
modern equipment

Huge proven experience

Comprehensive technical production

3D modeling of light scenes WYSIWYG™

3D modeling of acoustic spaces
L-Acoustics SoundVision™

Videoproduction, HD, FullHD, 4K

Exclusive custom scenic solutions

Modern wireless digital technology for business events

Providing events with excursion and video surveillance systems of the latest generation

The organization and operation of temporary autonomous power supply